Solution, enteroantiseptic


Dipylor is extremely effective against all types of microorganisms causing infections of the digestive tract on colon strictures, anal fissures, abscesses, and mucosis and submucosis fistulas of digestive tract. With Chrohn´s disease and ulcerative colitis Dipylor oxygenates damaged mucous membrane of the intestine, alleviates inflammatory process, and helps in epithelisation of damaged surfaces. It doesn´t resorb and it doesn´t remain in systemic circulation.

Dipylor is applied as enteroantiseptic in all types of infections of digestive tract: bacteria (Heliobacter pylori and other bacteria which cause enterocolitis), fungi (Candida albicans), protozoa (Entameba histolytica).

It has no negative effects on saprophytic intestinal flora.

Clinical research of Dipylor treatment of Chron´s disease and ulcerative colitis patinets has shown that all symptoms of the disease have subsided and complete regeneration of affected areas of digestive tract has occured. There has been no reemergence of the disease since (2 years).

Treatment of patients with Helicobacter pylori infection yields even better results.

After publishing mentioned results in an international medical journal, abbreviated version of the results will be availabe on this web site also.